How Oral SteriClean® Works

Clinically proven UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Safely Kills Harmful Germs

FDA Listed UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Oral SteriClean® is an FDA Listed Medical Device that is clinically proven to Safely Kills Harmful Germs and Fight against serious diseases. Proven to protect against much more than just the common cold, Oral SteriClean safely kills harmful germs and bacteria that live deep within your toothbrush bristles.  Oral SteriClean uses advanced UV technology to kill harmful bacteria and viruses at a cellular level, destroying its’ DNA and killing them dead.

Oral SteriClean is the Only Clinically Proven UV Sanitizer that Fights against Cavities and is a Must for Children!

Published in Bio Medicine, Dentistry IQ, & RDH Journal Magazine, Oral SteriClean UV Toothbrush Sanitizers are recommended most by Doctors, Dentists, & health professionals.  Dr. Lee Michael Luciani, Ontario, Canada states “My family and I have been using Oral SteriClean for years and we swear by it”.

It’s a No Brainer, Toothbrushes are Filled with Bacteria, they need to be Sanitized!

– Dr. Lee Michael Luciani

The Oral SteriClean UV Sanitizers was designed with Simple-to-Use in mind. Place your manual or electric toothbrush in the Oral SteriClean UV Sanitizers and its’ UV light will sanitize deep within the toothbrush bristles. Each cycle takes approximately 6-8 minutes to complete and the sanitizer will automatically power off.  Your toothbrush can be stored in the UV Sanitizer and remains clean until its’ next use.

The Science Behind Oral SteriClean

  • Uses Advanced UV Technology that penetrates deep within the toothbrush bristles
  • Kills harmful bacteria and viruses at a cellular level, destroying its’ DNA
  • The bacteria and virus cells are unable to survive and die
  • The cells are unable to be resistant to our clinically proven system

Your toothbrush harbors as many as 100 million bacteria. This bacteria affects all the organs of the body.

– University of Manchester, 2012

Our mouth is full of bacteria, even plaque is a kind of bacteria, so basically you get bacteria in your brush every single time you brush… There are millions of harmful bacteria on your toothbrush unknown to you.

– Dental Hygiene Research Center at Old Dominion University, 2012

It’s common sense, our toothbrush is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

– Dr. Lee Michael Luciani, M.D. Ontario, CA

Washing our hands is an important part of our everyday to prevent the spread of infection-causing germs. We wouldn’t imagine putting dirty hands in our mouth, especially after using the restroom. Putting an unsanitized toothbrush in your mouth day after day and allowing harmful, aggressive bacteria to enter into your bloodstream can be deadly.  Sanitize your toothbrush, it’s that easy!