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Baby B Fresh Pacifier & bottle sanitizer
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Protection When It Counts

In the early stages of life, your baby’s natural immunity levels are low and are unable to fight and protect against harmful germs.  Babies are more susceptible to infection and when a pacifier quickly gets contaminated with coated biofilm of bacteria, this makes them sick!  Baby B Fresh UV Portable Sanitizers were specifically designed to help fight against the growth of bacteria that can grow deep inside the pores of pacifiers and bottle nipples, keeping your baby healthy.


Baby B Fresh® is a clinically proven and kills harmful bacteria, much more than just the common cold virus!   Baby B Fresh® uses advanced UV Technology that is specific is destroying the bacteria that matters most in keeping your baby healthy.

Developed as the all in one sanitizer, Baby B Fresh® is so convenient for today’s busy mom. “Sanitize on the Go” and save your baby from the hazards unclean nipples and pacifiers can hold.


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  1. 5 out of 5


    We are so happy with the portability and convenience of this product! Easily fits into a purse or diaper bag and I can rest easy knowing I can put a clean Binky into my sons mouth without using any chemicals!! We recommend this product to ALL of our friends!

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