How Baby B Fresh® Works


Baby B Fresh® UV Sanitizer is an FDA Listed Medical Device that is clinically proven to fight against aggressive bacteria, the same bacteria that attacks your baby’s developing immune system.   Baby B Fresh® protects against much more than just the common cold.


Baby B Fresh® effectively kills germs and bacteria that can live on your baby’s pacifier and bottle nipple!  Researchers report that many pacifiers are coated with bacteria ranging from staph to pneumonia to mold.  Yuck!

 A contaminated pacifier or bottle nipple can quickly grow biofilm that penetrates deep within the pores of the silicone, this biofilm typically goes unnoticed and begins to cause a slew of problems.  Contaminated pacifiers have been linked to ear infections, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome. In addition, these germs can lead to allergies, asthma, and autoimmune diseases.  Researchers also add that biofilm is typically resistant to antibiotics.  

Protect your baby from the biofilm and germs that are hard to see.  Developed as the all in one Sanitizer, Baby B Fresh® is so convenient for today’s busy mom. “Sanitize on the Go” is a simple solution to the germ problem, save your baby from the hazards that unclean nipples and pacifiers can hold.

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